technical illustration


IWith our extensive background in both the CAD and graphic design fields, DWGraphics is ideally equipped to produce the technical illustrations and renderings you need for your presentations, proposals, web pages, marketing literature, or perhaps even your portfolio.

Starting with sketches, blueprints, or CAD files (2D or 3D), and using software tools like AutoCAD, Inventor, and CorelDRAW, we can produce high quality artwork of your architectural, landscape, mechanical, or plant design.

DWGraphics is equally adept at working in either 2D or 3D, and the outputs we produce can range from black & white line art to full color photorealistic or stylized renderings.

We are also working to expand our capabilities into the realm of animation, and would be interested in working with clients who need those services as well.


Architectural Design Projects

When 2D illustrations are sufficient to get the job done, DWGraphics can take your CAD-based elevations or floor plans drawings, embellish them with items like landscaping or furniture, and then import that geometry into an illustration package where colors, textures, and shading can be applied to produce artwork suitable for its intended purpose.

For higher-end projects where 3D perspective drawings are more appropriate or expected, DWGraphics can build detailed 3D models of your residential or commercial complex, enhance them with elements like people and vehicles, and then create photo-realistic renderings of the completed model from several vantage points and under a variety lighting conditions. As an added benefit to using this approach, we can also work with you (and your clients) to quickly explore different options for applying exterior finishes and architectural details.


Interior Design Projects

Most practitioners of this discipline are very good artists as well. So how can DWGraphics help you? Well, here’s how. We can build 3D models of your interior spaces, and output perspective line drawings of them from any location in the space for you to draw your designs on. We can take illustrations of your design ideas and get them ready for inclusion into websites or brochure. Or if you simply don’t have the time, we can color your floor plans and/or create renderings for your projects for you.


Landscape Design Projects

When presenting your landscape designs to clients or communities, the drawings you show them can often make or break the sale. DWGraphics can take your inputs, be they hand drawn or CAD-generated, and transform them into beautiful 2D or 3D color illustrations of your designs. We can also create sets of drawings that can depict, among other things:

  • How you’ve used seasonal color
  • How your design will “grow up” over time
  • How an elaborate or expensive design can be done in phases
  • How your design will look from various points of view

Electromechanical Design Projects

Of all the disciplines mentioned here, this is the one we are most well-versed in. DWGraphics has a wealth of experience to draw upon (pun intended!) when it comes creating 2D, isometric, and 3D illustrations of your design. And the need for this type of documentation is endless. How does it work? How do I assemble it? How do I install it? How do I use it? How do I maintain it? How do I fix it when it’s worn out or breaks? We are experts at creating illustrations for these sorts of purposes. And of course we can also create the cool looking pictures of your design you need for proposals, presentation, brochures, trade show booths, web pages, and so on.


Plant/Process Design Projects

DWGraphics can help you on two fronts here. First we can create presentation-quality 2D or 3D illustrations of your factory floor layouts. And second, using your P&ID diagrams as a starting point, we can create background and icon or sprite graphics for inclusion in your desktop or web-based control system software.


Miscellaneous Projects

In the event we haven't explicitly listed the particular type of project you're working on here, it's still very likely DWGraphics can be of service to you. We are always open to new challenges, and would love to talk to you about the illustration work you have in mind.