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We admit it. We are geeks. On top of all the other services DWGraphics offers, we can also help you deal with most types of “technical difficulties” you’re likely to encounter with your computers, network, and/or applications. DWGraphics was founded at the inception of the PC industry, and we can draw on a vast wealth of experience we amassed from working on literally hundreds of PCs, building dozens of networks, writing software, and using a dizzying array of programs on a multitude of projects across numerous industries.


Remote Support
To assist us in our support efforts, DWGraphics subscribes to a service called GoToMeeting, which let you give us the ability tremotely view your PC’s screen, and at your option, to run it as well. This allows us to respond to your needs quickly so you can get back to what you were doing as soon as possible.


PC Support
When it comes to individual PCs, DWGraphics has the know-how to perform pretty much any task can think off. You could take your PC completelyapart, scatter its pieces across the room, and we could put it back in working order again. We can format its hard drive and install Windows, get all your internal and external peripherals operating properly, and all your software applications. We can add users to the system and set up email and IM accounts for each one. We can install hardware upgrades like more memory or a bigger hard drive or a faster video card. And we understand what life without your computer is like, so we do everything we can to perform these tasks if little or no downtime for you whatsoever .


Network Support
If you own or work for a small business, DWGraphics has the expertise nessary to build, maintain, and/or expand your network of PCs. We know how to create shared resources (printers, network drives, etc.), enable your users to access those resources, add user accounts, install network applications (particularly those from Autodesk).


Software Support
The list of primary software tools DWGraphics uses regularly is shown below. We also use numerous add-on utilities with these programs, and have written custom code to automate most of them in some fashion as well, so we know our stuff. In addition, we have learned to support a number of industry-specific applications used by many of our past and present clients.

Publisher Applications
Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, Productstream, Vault, FMDesktop
Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Windows
Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver
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